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Using a special technique we’ve developed over the past five years, we can refine and combine your “bad” photos – taken during family portrait sessions, birthday parties, holiday events, first days at school and more – into a perfect NEW photo that looks completely realistic … as if it was taken one quick snap the minute it actually happened!

We take the “bad” in one picture, the “good” in another (potentially a few others) and combine them to create the PerfectPic for you. Take a look at what is “bad” in the below examples such as a blinking in your wedding day pic, parents in the background of a great picture of sisters, an unhappy girl in one and looking away in another. With the availability of pics of the same scene, or similar, the “bad” before becomes a “beautiful” after.

SistersThis is a beautiful picture of two sisters and the customer wanted the parents out of the background in the first pic (Before 1). Using another picture of a similar background (Before 2), we were able to give the customer exactly what they wanted.
Grandpa Time
Grandpa TimeHere we have the top granddaughter looking away in Before 1 and the other granddaughter looking away in Before 2. We were able to combine the two smiling faces and create a beautiful after for this Grandpa to cherish forever!
Shiny, Happy Family
Shiny, Happy FamilyBefore 1 has the daughter looking away from the camera but everyone else looks great. Before 2, she is looking at the camera but the son is blocking his face. We were asked to make the daughter smile in the first pic. That's exactly what we did, taking her from Before 2 and putting her into Before 1... PerfectPic!
Removing the Shoulder
Removing the ShoulderThis customer wanted the arm that was blocking the husband's right arm on the left side of the picture, ruining a great couple shot, taken out of the pic. With another pic of the husband and wife, we were able to remove the arm in the pic, giving this couple a Perfect portrait pic!
Daddy and Daughter
Daddy and DaughterThis was two pics taken on New Years Eve and was a moment that was almost missed. But the experts at PerfectPic were able to take the smiling Dad from Before 1 and the smiling daughter from Before 2 and combine them for this PerfectPic.
Awaken the Groom!
Awaken the Groom!In Before 1, the groom's eyes are closed. Problem, right? Nope! We took his smiling face from another wedding day photo and we were able to give the bride a picture from her wedding day she now smiles at all the time and forever.
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!A beautiful family was trying to capture a beautiful moment. In Before 1, everyone is smiling and happy but the daughter on the left was not. Given another pic from that same time, we were able to take the smiling daughter and bring her together with her smiling family. PerfectPic!
Make the Invisible, Visible
Make the Invisible, VisibleHere we have 5 cousins altogether but in Before 1, the cousin in gray is just slightly showing out of the picture on the right side but it's a great pic of the other 4. In Before 2, the cousin in gray is in the picture but the boy in green at the top is acting goofy with bunny ears. Can we fix this? Of course!
Loving Family
Loving FamilyIn Before 1, the daughter is sticking out her tongue and everyone else is smiling and happy. In Before 2, the son's eyes are closed and Mom and Dad aren't looking at the camera. We wanted to combine smiling son and parent's looking from Before 1 with the smiling girl from Before 2... and that's exactly what we did.
First Dance Forever
First Dance ForeverIn Before 1, the wife is caught making a silly face and the husband was looking away but it was the only full shot moment of the newlyweds dancing their first dance. We were able to take a smiling bride picture and a set of the husband's eyes from Before 2 and create the PerfectPic that captures their first dance, and they lived happily ever after.

Now you won’t have to waste time scheduling an additional photo session, fixing photos yourself or settling for a less than perfect portrait ever again! No more deleting digital photos just because one, two, three or more of you didn’t look good when the picture was snapped – with help from PerfectPic, you’ll be able to treasure and share that important moment with a customized PerfectPic!

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