Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a limit to how many “bad” photos I can send in order for you to create my PerfectPic?

There is no limit to the photos you submit. If you feel like there are things from 4 pictures to make the PerfectPic you want, send 4. Maybe you have a family of 10 you are trying to get and all 10 look good in 10 different photos, send 10. Our goal is to give you the PerfectPic out of the photos you take of that scene. Feel free to snap away!


When will I receive my PerfectPic?

Typically you’ll receive your photo within 1–2 days, depending on the level of detail needed. In most cases, you should receive your pic via email the very next business day unless orders are aplenty!


I bought 10 PerfectPics but I only want 2 of them right now. How do I go about ordering the next 8 later when I am ready?

When you are ready to order your next PerfectPic, simply email us at info@PerfectPic.com with your previous order number and your name and we will contact you immediately to get you going on your next order via email. Once we respond, you will email us the photos you want us to work with and we will complete your order. You never lose the PerfectPics you pay for.


Can I send in any type of pics to be worked on?

Unfortunately, to get you the best possible product back, we have certain guidelines we’d like to receive in the pics submitted (these are NOT requirements but what we’d like to receive in order to create the best possible product):

  1. Hi Res Images – The higher the resolution of all images submitted, the better quality product in the end.
  2. Same Scene Photos – The best possible scenarios are where the subjects are all photographed in the same scene so images can be maneuvered and manipulated but lighting is not off. We will most likely not be able to work with images that were taken from different days/nights and scenes as we like to maintain the image’s realism as much as possible in the end product.


Can a person be inserted into a photo that was not present at the time?

This MAY be possible in certain situations where the person is shot in a similar lighting and the photo you want s/he inserted into allows for the edit. The photo needs to look as real as possible. We will always try but this is slightly outside the realm of where we like to work.
Are your products guaranteed?

YES! At PerfectPic we strive to make sure you are fully satisfied with every photo you entrust us to create a PerfectPic. We offer a full money-back guarantee (if notified before receiving non-watermarked image) if you’re not entirely happy with the end product. After you give us your final approval, we’ll email you a non-watermarked final version of your photograph.


Do you offer standard photo retouching?

Yes, we can do this too but for the same pricing. We still want to get you your PerfectPic, even if all the smiles, eyes and all are good but something else isn’t.


How do I contact you if I have more questions?

We’re happy to give you more information and/or discuss your needs in more detail– simply email us at info@PerfectPic.com or contact us at 818-860-1946, Monday–Friday, between the hours of 9-5 PST.

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