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The idea for PerfectPic was born out of sheer necessity – having three sweet yet mischievous kids who simply hated having their pictures taken! They would do anything they could to avoid sitting still or smiling; hands blocking their faces, silly expressions, tongues out, looking away and sometimes even running away the moment the camera went “click”.

However, with digital photography being what it is and with the ability to take a full series of those pictures in just minutes, we came to see that we could always catch one of them in at least one good moment and then, all we had to do was fit them together like a puzzle afterwards! Now, after five years of perfecting this unique technique creating beautiful, realistic photo projects for both family and friends, we knew this was something that would be helpful for everyone.

We want to relieve the stress present in photographing moments where people, big and small, are being difficult. Or just mischievous! We want you to take pics, take more pics and then take even more! Within that bunch, special moments are captured and with PerfectPic.com, they can be refined, combined and put back together in a perfect way!

So feel free to snap away, stress free and we’ll help you after!

Contact us at info@PerfectPic.com to send us your pics or to discuss your PerfectPic needs today.

Thanks! We can not wait to get working on creating your PerfectPic today.

Scott, Founder & CEO


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